Written 22.04.2021​

Your existence is proof that Earth is conscious. Alive. So why do you stare into the night sky and see ghosts and spheres of fire, liquid, gas and rock?

Our search for life in the cosmos underpins modern science, however it is looking in the wrong direction —…

In our current time of deep political divide, democratic dismantling, fake news, mental health epidemics, technological algorithmic warfare, echo chambers, insels, fascist demagogues, digital dystopias, and the general unwinding of the pre-digital social order and 20th century sense of collective reality and truth, the story of Joker is more important…

Fascism happens because in moments of collective human uncertainty, in moments where we are called to take a leap of faith… it becomes easier to trust in something bad, to fall back into the comfortable arms of indifference than to believe people can be good, and that things can get…

Kris Vango

Musician, Designer, Writer, Thinker, Philosopher, Dreamer, Mythology, Symbology.

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